Brush Guards and Bull Bars

Heavy-duty Bull & Grille Guards will toughen the look of your SUV, truck or Jeep.

A brush guard is a great way to protect your vehicle, whether you are hitting the trails or just parking in the lot. They are stylish, protect your grille and headlights, and let everyone know how dangerous it is to damage your truck.

Bull Bars or Grille Guards are designed to protect your vehicle’s lower front from rocks and other debris and can also protect your vehicle from low brush and shrubs. These guards can be used for any grill guard, whether it’s a Toyota 4Runner Brush Guard (or a Ford Ranger Brush Guard), and cover the entire front of the vehicle, often framing your headlights.

All of the bars and guards we offer are made from thick chrome-plated steel, or aluminum. The durable finish and construction of our products will ensure that they look great on your vehicle for many years. Each accessory is made specifically to fit your vehicle like it came fresh from the factory. Installation is usually a bolt-on process using existing mounting points on the vehicle. you can either do it yourself or bring your brush or grille guard in and let one of our expert installers do it for you.

Brush Guards

The basic grille guard (sometimes called a brush guard) tend to give better coverage and protection against brush and shrubs. They can sometimes wrap around headlights and offer extra protection around those areas. A perforated screen is another protective feature found on many grille guards. This can help stave off rocks and road debris from pinging the front end of your vehicle.

Many grille guards come with predrilled mounting points to accommodate off-road lights or LED light bars. We also offer guards that have handy bumper-level steps for engine access. Our winch mount grille protectors are a must-have for any off-roader. We offer sensor relocation kits that allow you to mount parking sensors directly to the guard. 

Bull Bars

Bull bars protect your bumper and lower grille from damage and add style to your vehicle and are sometimes referred to as push bars. A bull bar provides protection without having the bulk of a grille guard. You can choose to have your bull bar with or without a skid plate. Bull bars, like the grille guards, have pre-drilled mounts to accommodate off-road lights. Some bull bars even come with integrated LED light bars and LED pod lights. If you are thinking about adding a winch to your bull bar, we have an array of winch mount systems to suit your application.

If you’re looking to protect your front end or just merely beef up the overall look, a bull bar or brush guard can give you what you need. 

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