Automotive LED Lighting

LED Taillights and Headlights

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes), have gradually been replacing incandescent bulbs on new cars. They are used in tail lights, and in many other applications both interior and exterior. Most notably they are the running lights in many new trucks and cars’ headlight housings. While the OE has made significant strides in LED lighting technology, the aftermarket is still hard at work. We offer everything from LED replacement bulbs to custom LED light kits that create multi-colored lighting effects and accents for any part of your vehicle.

LEDs are semiconductors that emit light when current is applied to them. They have many advantages over traditional incandescent bulbs and can last for at least 50,000 hours. In addition, they are more efficient than incandescent bulbs and produce light faster when engaged, which makes them ideal for brake lights.

It is obvious that replacing incandescent bulbs with LED lights is a smart decision. There are LED lights available for all applications, including tail lights, headlights, signal lights, daytime running lights (DRLs), and 3rd brake lights. These lights can replace OE lights and because LEDs can light up brake lights in 0.2 seconds, they are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. This is a significant advantage, considering that a car traveling 60 mph at 88 feet per second can provide the driver with almost 20 feet of extra stopping distance.

The range of LED lights we offer goes beyond just replacement. You can get specialized lighting to make your ride stand out, including lights that provide more illumination for better vision in dark conditions, custom lighting, and lights that increase visibility for safety.

LED Grilles and Taillight Bars

An LED grille or LED tailgate light bar will improve the visibility and appearance of your truck. For a striking look, our LED grilles combine a bold studded mesh design with powerful illumination from an integrated off-road LED bar. We also offer LED grille kits, which will give your grille an individual look. LED tailgate light bars make your truck stand out and give it a unique, eye-catching look. You can choose to have them illuminate as running lights, scan side-by-side when you brake or scan sequentially with turn signals.

LED Light Bars

We have the right off-road LED lights bars and pod lights for you. They come in many sizes, colors, and beam patterns. Whether you need them to light up the trails, out on the farm, or simply for looks, we have a light bar option that is right for you.

Interior LED Lighting

Maybe you need some extra light inside your vehicle. We can help you with our interior LED light kits and truck bed lights. Interior lighting can set the mood as well as provide the extra illumination you need for night driving without impairing your night vision while driving. Lighting up the foot well and door panels can give your ride an ungraded interior feel.

LED Accent Lighting

You can transform your vehicle’s lighting with our wide selection of LED ambient light tubes and under-body lights. Flexible and rigid tubes, as well LED rock lights, are available. These can be used to highlight large wheels and tires, suspension modifications, underhood chrome, polished aluminum, and other accessories. You can set many of them to change their colors or illuminate one color. Some can also be controlled via an iPhone or Android smartphone. You can change the speed while choosing from different color-changing patterns, alter the brightness and even change colors to the beat of your favorite music.

Accent lighting can also be added to your truck’s bed to give you more visibility to items at night. These can also be customized with color and brightness.

LED Wheel Lighting

Illuminated LED wheel rings make it easy to illuminate your truck’s wheels. This lighting product is a set of four (4) LED illuminated aluminum rings that attach to the brake dust shield and fit around the brake rotor. They can be attached to older vehicles that have drum brakes as well. This creates a large light ring that accents custom wheels and tires while cruising the strip at night.

You can find LED rim rings and strips in many bright and bold colors. They can either emit a subtle, soft glow or they can shine brightly and be easily seen from far away. You can set them to pulse and brighten to your stereo, sometimes to the beat of your music! The most common LED rim colors include white, blue, and green but can be customized to nearly any color.

These lighting setups are just one way to make your vehicle stand out at night. Custom lighting is becoming more popular than ever and this trend seems to be growing every year. This is the perfect time to get on board. Lexington Lifted is here to help with all your lighting needs.

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